About Us

Brand Message

“Unforgettable moments in our childhood. I have ever met this girl”

Our merry-go-round (carousel)

coucou bébé (Oh! Baby) is an intimate way to call a little kid in French.  Close friends and relatives can simply say “coucou”.  When I was a little girl, I loved to go to amusement park and rode on merry-go-round.  When I saw my mother waving hands to me after I finished one leap, I felt warm and satisfied.  Although I rarely go to amusement park now, every single detail of the amusement park still stays in my memories all these years.

We all have many unforgettable moments in our childhood.  We spend all our effort in searching for better lives, finally we might realize that our most wanted things are already around us for years.  “I have ever met this girl” is the theme of the brand.

It is all about memories but the matter is whether we can recall all people, events and beautiful moments before we forget them.

Brand Concept

“I want to remember every single moment that moves my heart.  A series of flashbacks showed up when I made the designs, perhaps, we all belong to one of those a long time ago….,”

Our memories are precious.  We treasure everything that helps to keep our memories vivid – especially our camera.

We design camera accessories, including straps, air-blowers for lens, camera and lens cases.  Our designs combine retro and hip elements, without ignoring the details that make our products fashionable and functional.

Girls love to imitate.  Have you ever slipped into mama’s high-heels, wore her lipstick and nail polish?  They love beautiful things.

Boys are adventurers.  Have you ever tried to invent a game, built a sand castle and made a device to protect your little treasure? They are full of imagination.

Adult’s world is a place where they long to explore, investigate and experience.

“Memories” is the fundamental idea of our products.  They remind us those sweet and happy moments that we may forget long time ago.