Mini Air Blower

I have met a little girl who wore brindled red nail polish in a winter holiday. She was holding a little doll in her hand.
I love painting because I can keep my memories vividly in pictures. My favourite pass time, when I was a kid, was painting myself with my mother’s cosmetics in front of a mirror. I nearly forget that I had ever done the same as the little girl did in the good old days. Now, I prefer to use my camera to capture precious moments.

The air blower collection was colors inspired by the feminine look of a nail polish bottle. The size of air blower which is made to fit female hands, is smaller than traditional lenses air blower. A protection cap – looks like a “nail polish bottle cap”, is used avoid damage to the mouth of the air blower. It can be used on lenses of both single lens reflex cameras and normal digital cameras. The whole collection consists of 9 colors(black, white, pink, fushia...) for you to choose from.

The mini air blower is a registered design products with a name of Chinese words “甲由”, which come from its silhouettes. It appears as “甲”during the state of using. On the other side, it appears as “由”while its ready to be used.

(Priority Sales in Japan)