Camera Strap Lite

"Mix & Match" is an important issue for nowadays. Especially the light weight type camera (Prosumer, Micro 4/3, APS, Compact) and its accessories appear more and more colors. We are no longer willing to live with all the way basic only.

We designed the “Lite” Version of Camera Straps called “Camera Strap Lite” to fulfill photographers’ desire of personalize own belongings every moment, everywhere, enjoy dress up yours digitals.

“Camera Strap Lite” patterns and colors inspired by French Desserts with apply it with the technique of 3D press. Photographers’ do not need to worry about the color will easy to go off. The backside material is cotton blended with a transparent anti-slip design.

On the backside of “Lite” is with a variety of creamy colors (Strawberry cream, coffee, sesame, plain cream and chocolate), in additional to enriching the “Mix & Match”, but also into the functionality, comfort, style and unique taste.

Because the light carrying camera, in order to take into account the smaller camera, shoulder strap eyelets likes 6mm to 8mm. “Lite” were considered to adjust for the change to fit the need.

In addition, a pairs of attachment are enclosed with the “Lite” which are the extra part for photographers having compact camera with round-hole eyelets. The parts are strong string core contains silk rope to ensure certain loading.