Camera Strap

“les desserts de France” – the color theme of the collection

Western desserts are tempting, French desserts are even irresistible. Sweet taste triggers a feeling of happiness and satisfactory inside our body, just like we enjoy treasuring beautiful things and lovely moments in our everyday lives. This is no gender differences.

Coucou bébé takes “les desserts de France (the French dessert)” as the color theme in her designs. Photography is no longer a men’s hobby only. More and more female amateur photographers are enjoying the fun of taking photos. Our new collection of digital camera straps is tailor-made for meeting the needs of female photographers.

The joyful colors of French desserts are the core of the 2010 vancances single lens reflex camera strap collection. The whole collection consists of 8 different colors with special designed interchangeable straps and buckles to fit your individual style and outfit of the day.

The art director of coucou bébé is also a fan of photography. “We would like to add fun and hip elements into camera straps so that our cameras look unique and trendy. We also put efforts in details to enhance its functionality and practicality.”

“bé happy”

The camera strap collection has two registered designs. The back strap and adjustable strap are linked by a “bé happy” buckle. This buckle replaces stitches normally used in camera straps. Considering the weight of professional cameras, an additional cushion is placed on each back strap so that it is more comfortable to wear for female photographers.

Loading test:
After tested by Intertek Testing Services(ITS), the max. loading of the camera strap 15kg.
"Intertek is the industry leader with more than 26,000 people in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries."
This company is over 100 years for test.

“bé chocolate”

The “bé chocolate” buckle is designed for hidden the both ends of the adjustable strap in order to have a neat appearance. The “bé chocolate” buckles are interchangeable to fit in every single occasion.